Make Sure Your Personal Life is in Your Masterplan


In a world that is all about empowering women to strive for careers, success and equality to men when it comes to a paycheck, it’s very refreshing to me to see such a prominent figure in the news business focus on what counts at the end of the day, time with her family. Of course, Megyn Kelly has put in years of hard work and dedication to her career and probably has made many sacrifices through out her rise to the top. And yes, she has gotten to a point in her career where she can most likely call the shots, and make the necessary moves she needs to for her own daily happiness; something I think that gets lost amongst young reporters in the business who will make the ultimate sacrifices to succeed. Sometimes it’s not about the salary, or the city you are in, or the high profile position you are sitting in around very prominent people. Make sure to ask yourself through out your own climb, are you truly happy?

I don’t think it’s stressed enough at an early age to young men and women that it’s okay to take your personal life and own happiness into consideration when building a career. The competitive nature of the broadcasting business can 100% control your life, dictating where you live and the hours you work. There are no holidays and sometimes no days off. I understand that early on in your career you must pay your dues and do your time. But when it comes to making career moves and decisions, take your personal life and family life into consideration as much as anything else. ka10th

I spent two baseball seasons working for MLB Network in New York City. I was on a national network, covering my favorite sport, among some high profile people in the game that I respected so much. Not to mention I was in the BIG city. Everyday was full of an amazing energy, things to do, places to see, and amazing restaurants to experience. I wanted it all and finally achieved the goal of getting there.  The studio I went to work in everyday was mind blowing for a TV geek like me with amazing lights and screens and sets and cameras. I was in my happy place! Plus, the content produced by the network and the people I worked with were second to none. It was a top notch establishment that did everything well and I was so proud to be a part of it.

But, something was missing. I wasn’t happy. My life, (fiance, friends, family, car, home, pool, clothes, belongings, etc) was in Atlanta, my home base throughout baseball season since 2010. I had the best set up in the world anyone in this business could ask for, with room for growth when you looked at it on paper. But for some reason, it wasn’t working for me. After two seasons, I decided to head to Atlanta for the offseason and stay for good. I chose to get married and start a family, and make my career work in the city I wanted to be in. It’s possible to create a balance for all. And necessary to do so to live a fulfilled life.

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